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Website creation should always be easy, enjoyable
and very affordable.
Welcome to SiteW.
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Beste software für website erstellen
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Creating your website easily
is enjoyable

We designed SiteW to make website creation easy and enjoyable. Drag, drop and create yourself your website easily.

No required technical skills. There’s no need for developers or intermediaries. Enjoy the power of code without coding.

Save your time (and your energy). Focus on essentials.


An email, a password and get started. Start your website creation easily.


Drag and drop blocks to build your website. Combine business with pleasure with SiteW.


A solution for all budgets and skill levels, technically accessible and affordable.

Start your online business quickly

Start quickly and create the website of your dreams.
Fewer efforts, fewer difficulties, more results.
Create your account for free.
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Fill in some information about your project.
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Choose a template to customize.
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Create your website.

The solution for website creation designed for you, with you

The solution for website creation designed for all professionals. Real co-pilot in the success of your company on the Internet.
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Create the website of your association without technical constraints or financial brakes. Choose the tools you need to give visibility to your project.
Private individuals
An idea, a project, a wish. We are here to help you build your personal website. Your website, your style.
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Create a professional quality website for an institution serenely. We help you for the creation of your institutional website.
Why do users recommend SiteW?
Beste software für website erstellen 4.8/5
Immediate start

Start your website creation quickly.

Beste software für website erstellen
Intuitive creation

Drag and drop to build your website easily.

Express support

Tell us what is happening, we reply to you as soon as possible.

With you, whatever your project

A solution to develop your online project whatever its nature.
With advanced functionalities to enable you to create, manage and be successful online.

Create a showcase website

We designed an easy tool to help you create your showcase website. You shape your ideas without technical constraints or creative limits.

Our mission is to enable you to create a showcase for your professional, community or institutional project serenely.

Present and develop your ideas wherever you are and whenever you want. Enjoy a wide range of functionalities to create the website you need.

Create an online store

Sell online 24 hours and give visibility to your business. Create your online store, show your products and enjoy a commission rate of 0%.

You can implement click & collect to sell locally or show your products to sell them worldwide.

Your ideas, your online store.

Create a blog

Want to create your own blog?

Devise then share your contents easily, whenever you want. Make your blog a reality easily.

Create a blog and focus on what you want to say.

Custom domain name

Stick out with a custom domain name.

A domain name makes your website memorization easier, protects your project or your brand and strengthens its professional nature.

Establish your online presence thanks to a custom domain name. Book or connect the domain name you already own.

Your ideas, your custom domain name.

Professional email address

Need to convey with a professional address?

Do much more than a website. Develop your online project, adding a professional email address to it.

Stick out. Try and get a head start. We are here to help you in case of problem.

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Totally customizable website templates

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Website templates
Professionelle internetseite erstellen
Wie website erstellen
Eigene webpage erstellen
Eine eigene website erstellen
Beste software für website erstellen
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Wie kann man eine homepage erstellen
Wie website erstellen
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Functionnalities to make a difference

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“Useful, intuitive, affordable for all, which meets several wishes and needs regarding design, technology, respect for current laws… I am always delighted and satisfied: technology, customer relations, innovations. Look no further, use SieW.”
Reliable and high-performance hosting

Hosting: don’t think about it, we take care of it.

Unlimited pages, unlimited traffic, large storage capacity. Enjoy a igh-performance hosting for your project.

We have chosen low-energy data centres and CO2 emissions are offsetted.

Custom domain name

Simple, coherent and easy to remember.

Customize the domain name of your website, make it match your business and stand out.

The icing on the cake is that it is included in your subscription and we take care of renewing it every year to protect you from theft.

Need some time? No problem, meanwhile you enjoy a “.sitew” address.

Powerful and comprehensible SEO

A website is good, visible is better. At SiteW, we want to make SEO completely clear.

Our goal is to give you the possibility to understand and improve your website SEO without wasting your time.

Enjoy a natural and effective optimization right from your website creation as well as detailed learning supports. You have everything you need to reach your goals!

Simplified compliance

Fewer problems, more solutions with SiteW. We do our utmost to ensure you are always in compliance with the laws.

Latest regulations, GDPR compliance, respect for your visitors’ privacy, the law is no joking matter. We ensure you can understand and apply the latest current standards to your website.

Total creative freedom

Your website, your style.

Build a website just like you, our website templates are at your disposal to start quickly. Choose one and edit it as much as you want.

Everything is customizable, unlock your creativity without being limited.

Mobile and tablet friendly version

Switch from a screen to another effortlessly.

Fit your website to the different devices, using our drag and drop system. Create a responsive website, fitting it to the different screens, and keep your visibility under control.

Thousands of images

Let it go, let it go, images are ready to be dragged on your website.

Take your website customization as far as possible. Add royalty free and professional quality images to your contents.

Improve your visitors’ experience thanks to your images.

Embedded social networks

Embed your social networks in your website easily. Link your website with your social networks to enjoy their virality.

Easy and effective marketing tools

Take control, make your website take off and get a head start.

We provide you with tools to develop your website visibility. Your first marketing campaigns are at the click of a mouse.

Connected external services

Our solution adapts to your project and not the opposite. At SiteW, the flexibility of our editor enables you to embed other services directly in your website.

Add what you need to completely customize your website.

SiteW, much more than a solution to create a website

Based in France right from the start in 2007, we help our thousands of users each day with always the same will: being useful.
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We are committed to being useful
for our users, co-workers and the world around us.
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14 years

of expertise

1.7 million

created websites

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to get started

Eco-friendly web design

3, 2, 1… 0

We want to offer a sustainable solution of web design.
To take part in environmental protection, we measure and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

All the technology of an online tool, plus the human touch

We know how much it can be difficult to talk with some online services: automated messages, lack of transparency, never-ending waits, etc.

We wanted to change that.

SiteW customer service is handled by the whole team so you can have the right person at the right time. We are here to advise you and help you in case of problem.

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Wie kann man eine homepage erstellen

A customer service with a human face. Genuine, honest and kind.

Website templates
Quick to react

We reply as soon as possible to avoid wasting your time.

Web design software

We do our utmost to solve the problem you are facing.

I was very impressed by the team’s ability to react and availability. We talked a lot and you were available. We could feel a real interaction and availability I didn’t have with other providers. I was very comfy. I thought: if I have a problem, if there is anything incomprehensible to me on the website, I will be able to ask them.

SiteW customer since 2020
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Another way to approach web design

Eine eigene website erstellen
Being serene right from the start

No more doubts. We do our utmost, so you feel good. A problem, a question, want to talk? Write to us.

Develop your project serenely we take care of the rest.

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Overcoming the technical barrier

No technical skills, no lines of code to do. You create your own professional quality website.

Overcome the technical barrier. Your website, your style.

Paying a fair price

Our solution is designed to be affordable for all.
Choose the offer that suits your needs and edit your website endlessly without spending more.

Give way to your creativity

Your project is unique, so is your website.

You are free to give way to your creativity. Unlock your potential, use our advice and follow professionally designed templates. You can afford to do what you devise.

+100 000 users trust SiteW
Everyhting you need
Intuitive solution

You are ready to create your website in the easiest and most intuitive way possible. Our team improves the tool every day, so you can focus on essentials.

Any feedbacks, comments, suggested improvements, write to us!
What matters to you also matters to us.

Human support

We are an online and human-run service company. We have a human face and we talk to our users from person to person.

Creating a website with SiteW is to make sure of being helped for your project success.

Optimized SEO

We must be transparent. Creating a well-ranked website on search engines is essential but difficult. On SiteW, your website is naturally optimized. However, good SEO is time consuming and requires knowledge.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula, but, fortunately, there are methods and tips to use.

To that end, you will find many guides and articles on the subject to rank high on search results.

Committed company

Behind the men and women who form our team, there is a wish for commitment to a lasting change, for participation in the creation of a better world on our scale.

By using our solution for your web project, you take part directly in this beautiful committed experience.

Unlocked creation

Finally, you create a professional quality website just like you. You do exactly what you devise without technical constraints.

Enjoy the wider creative freedom as possible for your website. Our drag and drop editor gives you the possibility to do what you want without difficulties.

Ensured security

For 10 years, we are offering a secure solution. We are ensuring that you, your website and your visitors are protected.

Your website, as thousands of other users’, is secure by us. You don’t need to think about it.


Creating a website for free, is it possible?
SiteW enables you to create a commitment-free website for free. If you want to have access to additional functionalities, you can subscribe to a paid package anytime.
How to create a website?
Creating a website on our solution is done in 3 stages.
  1. Sign up for free
  2. Fill in some information about your project
  3. Create your website
It’s easy, enjoyable and affordable.
Creating a website without technical knowledge, is it possible?
Of course. That is the core of SiteW. Enabling everyone to create a website just like them without coding.
How to add a custom domain name to my website?
By creating a website with SiteW, you have the possibility to add a custom domain name. You can book a domain name or connect a domain name you already own.

At the same time, embed a professional email address in your domain name for free to strengthen your credibility.
How to rank my website on Google?
You enjoy an optimized and simplified SEO. Custom URLs, domain name, meta description and title tags, all the elements are at your level and can be edited quickly.

You are in the right place to create a well-ranked website.
I need help to create my website, how to proceed?
We provide you with guides, tutorials and FAQs to help you during your website creation

If you haven’t found your answer, our customer service is available whenever you need. You can get in touch with us whenever you want!
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Create your website

Get started your website creation for free.

No required means of payment, no time limit.