Erstellen einer Musik-Homepage

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Creating a SoundCloud account or maintaining a Facebook fan page is not enough for an artist today. A musician needs a web page that can be customized. So, if you are a music artist, you must create your music website. With SiteW, you can create a music website in just a few clicks and get the full control of your website, enjoy all the customization tools, as well as the latest technologies. You will thus be able to fully dedicate to your music and to your fans.

Erstellen Sie eine Musik-Homepage
Work on your music website design

Create a music website to gather all the information in one place

When you choose to create a music website, you build a web page that you can customize the way you want to present your work, your life, your photos etc.

You can also add a Media page containing all the newspaper articles about you. You can display your tour dates, and add news to keep your fans updated.

comments for your music website
Keep in touch with your fans!

An additional connection with your audience

Creating a music website will allow you to build a closer relationship with your audience using a blog for example.

You can contact your fans with a Forum or a Comment block.

Or you can gather a community using a Social block which allows you to link all your social media pages.

You will be able to keep your fans updated with a Newsletter block.

Websites like will allow you to add a custom calendar including your tour dates to your website (using a widget block).

make your music known on your website
Display your tour dates

Finally, the website statistics, on Google Analytics, will allow you to get to know about your fans and to determine which songs are the most successful, so that you can increase your popularity and success chances.

Spread your music

When you create a music website you generate a lot of traffic and it is important for your credibility for it has a real impact on record companies, for example.
Allowing your visitors to listen to your music is great for your fans and will help you to make your music known.

Add your own music to your website
Allow your visitors to listen to your music on your website

To make your website known, work on its SEO. This will allow you to make your music known: remember to add your name to your website title, your descriptions, and domain name. Read our guides about SEO in order to get to the top of Google. Keep in mind that one of the first things someone will do is google your name.

Work on your brand image

Don’t forget that your images and design of your website are important. Even though you are a musician and that your music is the most important, your website design is not to be neglected either: it must match your music and your brand image.
Add photos of you, of your band or your concerts.

Add photos of your band, your tour
Display your pictures on your music website

You can also add videos using a Video block (concert videos for instance)
You can insert an online store to sell your concert tickets, your by-products or your albums.


Musicians, singers, bands… you can get inspiration from these tips to create your music website.. Make it your own: it must reflect your creativity and help you get to the stars!


Erstellen Sie eine Musik-Homepage


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