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Create your professional website and rank it on the first page of Google. Easily create a website that ranks high, with SiteW. By using our website builder, you are sure to have all the tools you need to create a website that ranks in google, freely and easily.

Rank your website on Google

By working on your website SEO (Search Engine optimization), you will improve your website organic ranking, and thus you will increase its visibility, for free. SEO combines all the free techniques allowing internet users to easily find your website on the internet, through the search engines. SiteW offers many specific features, to help you develop an effective SEO strategy.

Tools to improve your website ranking on Google

With our website design service, you can easily manage your website indexation in Google, as well as its statistics, on your website dashboard. You will also have instant access to the metadata of your web pages, that allows to add content specifically designed for search engines that visit your website. Eventually, you will be able to set up your SEO strategy, by adding your keywords, and by creating internal and external links.

Easily index your website on Google

On SiteW, your website is automatically indexed by Google. If you have created a free website, it is visited by google, once a month. By creating a Pro website, an E-commerce website, or a Premium website, your website is indexed by Google, after each modification.

Rank your website: register a domain name

Registering a domain for your website is essential for your SEO strategy. Indeed, Google considers websites with domain, more serious and credible. Easily register your own, by going to the My Websites page. All SiteW packages include HTTPS: you can either use a domain name you already own,or create a new one.

Work on your keywords to improve your SEO

Start by choosing a title and a web address for the website you want to create. They must contain your keywords, so that Google can identify your website. Generally speaking, your website should contain a lot of text, so that the search engines can easily identify your website content. Google likes it when you repeat your keywords, in many different ways. Carefully define your keywords and their variations, according to your activity, location, competitors… You will find practical examples in our SEO guide, that we recommend you to read, in order to build a website that ranks well in Google.

Instant access to Google metadata

On the My websites page in the “Search engines” section, you will be able to modify your website title and description for Google, as well as your keywords. Your title and description should contain your keywords. Remember that your description should be well formulated, because it will appear on the Google result page. In the website creation tool, you have access to the metadata of all pages, including blog articles, and product descriptions. You can also create custom URLs.

Linking strategy for your SEO

SiteW gives you the possibility to easily create an internal linking for your website, in order to improve your SEO. You will be able, in just a few clicks, to create links to your various web pages, whether it be on an image, an icon, a button, or on text.

Your website statistics

Lastly, you will have instant access to your website statistics. This will allow you to see all the information related to your web pages : where do your visitors come from? How many visitors does your website have? What is your bounce rate?, etc. This information, will allow you to refine your SEO strategy, and to take the right decisions, in order to increase your website traffic.

To conclude, by creating your professional website on SiteW, you will make sure to have everything you need, to optimize your digital presence, and to get the best visibility possible in search engines. All in all, SiteW puts at your disposal the tools that allow you to build a website that ranks well.


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