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Das Shop Modul ermöglicht es Ihnen Ihren eigenen Online Shop zu erstellen. Thus, you are able to create an e-catalogue and generate online sales.  SiteW takes no commissions on your sales.
Websites with the Pro and Ecommerce packages can add a shopping cart allowing visitors to purchase your products directly online.
The Store block is available for all the websites with the Premium package (online catalogue) and the Pro and Ecommerce packages (catalogue and e-commerce). The Pro package allows to open a full online store with an unlimited number of products and categories, payment methods by credit card, online payments, payments by bank transfer, check or with order form, and you can create custom shipping costs. With the E-commerce package, you can open a small online store, containing 25 products and 5 categories, with payment methods by credit card (Paypal, Stripe or Paygreen), Paypal, bank transfer, check or with order form, and you have the possibility to offer free shipping (costs are to be included in the product price).




Erstellen Sie einen Online-Shop

Features available on the website creation tool

Product description


Once your Store block has been inserted into your website, you will have the possibility to easily add your products to your online store, and you will be able to precisely customize your product descriptions, and easily organize them:


  • Add images or videos to your product, by clicking on the appropriate icon, and enter your description in the input field, by using the text toolbar, at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Classify the product in an existing category, or create a new one. Feel free to read our article about store category management.
  • Enter your product price, and create custom prices, if desired: strikethrough prices, wholesale prices, customer-based prices.
  • Configure the stock management of your product: you can enable the automatic stock management, enter a custom stock text, set a restock date, or a pre-order date. Read our article about Stock status display, to get more details.
  • Set your product options: custom text, multiple choice options (such as size, color,…), with the possibility to create additional costs, to enable the stock management according to product options, or not.
  • Create, if desired, an internal reference for your product, in the appropriate section.
  • You can sell digital products, according to your needs. To do so, check the “Digital product” option, on the product description. You will then be able to define the access to your digital product: it will be accessible in the member area of your website, or through an email. The digital products can take the form of one or several files, file URLs, or links to a website page. You will be able to set a maximum number of uses, or an expiry date. 



You can easily organize your products, and configure their display, by using the Manage categories button, on the blue panel on the left part of the screen, after selecting your Store block:


  • Organize your product categories: they will appear as an automatic menu, and you will be able to define their display order, and the products they contain. You will also have the possibility to create virtual categories, that contain several categories.
  • Define your category hierarchy, by using your website pages and product categories. To do so, create pages and manage their hierarchy in the orange panel, then insert a Store block on each page, and select the categories they must display (as seen above).
  • Define the number of products per page, by modifying the number of lines of products displayed per page, on the Design panel, after selecting your block.
  • Rank your products by price, name or by personal priority: to do so, click on “Name” or “Price”, at the top of your Store block, after selecting it, or manually modify the display priority, by entering a priority number in the input field: “Sort by name priority”.



Delivery methods

You have access to many delivery options for your online store products: multi-carriers, free shipping, pick up point delivery, store pickup, shipping costs based on weight or on cart total...


SiteW offers you almost unlimited payment methods for your online store:


  • Credit card or online payment: Stripe or Paygreen for the Ecommerce package, and payment via banks or other providers, as an option, for the Pro package. Read our article about Online payment for more details.
  • Paypal: To do so, you just need to have a Business account, and to enter your Paypal email address.
  • Bank transfer
  • Scheck
  • Bestellformular

Payment instructions are customizable, according to the payment methods used.


The SiteW automatic invoicing tools allow you to:


  • Automatically generate bills
  • Manage your bills
  • Create a store with or without VAT


With SiteW, you can create special offers for your customers. You will have the possibility to create coupons (in cash or in percentage, or you can offer free shipping), and create discounts, by setting a minimum cart amount to enable them. You will be able to set the promotion duration.

Bestellung Optionen

You will have the possibility to add cart options for each order placed on your ecommerce website. This allows you to ask your customer for information (a custom message for example), or to offer additional services (such as gift wrapping). These cart options are totally customizable, and they can be displayed as input fields, or as dropdown menus.

Currency of your online store

You can choose the currency of your online store.

Store styles

In addition to these customization options, you can choose among different store styles.

Terms and conditions and GDPR

SiteW allows you to easily add Terms and conditions, as well as GDPR to your ecommerce website.

Features available, for your customers, on your ecommerce website

Here is the list of features that you can offer to your online store visitors:


  • Search field for your products: by checking the appropriate option on the Content panel, after selecting your Store block, your visitors will access a search bar, allowing them to find what they need, quickly and efficiently, among all store products.
  • Order tracking: the Member block allows your customers to track their orders. Thus they have access to their order history, to a specific mailbox, and they are notified of every step of the order process.
  • Stock status display: the Stock status can be displayed in the product description, and on the product list.
  • “Add to cart” button: a buy button allowing to add a product to the cart in one click, is displayed on the product list
  • Purchase funnel optimization: the order steps are optimized, in order to increase your sales rate. The new customers are automatically subscribed, without having to create an account, and the former customers are pre-logged in, so that they don’t have to enter their credentials again. All the order process steps are displayed.
  • SEO features: you can enter a title and a description optimized for search engines (for product descriptions and categories), and the product prices are displayed in Google results.
  • Responsive online store: just like your website, the product categories and descriptions, as well as the cart and payment steps, are optimized, so that you can sell your products on mobile devices.
  • Secure ecommerce website: your website is protected by the SSL certificate, and the transfer of banking data is secure (the payment details are only known to the service provider).



Features available on your website dashboard (backoffice)

Finally, SiteW offers you many management tools, in order to make your online store management easier for you, and to help you increase your sales:






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